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Verity Price, is Africa's first Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking. A professional speaker and facilitator, Verity is the sixth woman to win the title in 80 years. It was no easy feat as the 2021 championships were six months in duration, and she was one of 30 000 participants from 149 countries. Her winning speech was about her journey to overcome severe depression and anxiety by making the necessary changes to turn her life around.

Verity was not always an exceptional speaker. She suffered terribly from fear of public speaking when she was younger. Her saving grace came when she discovered her musical talent and started writing songs and knew she needed to overcome her fear if she wanted to sing on a stage. 

"The thing that got me to face my fear was having a dream and message that was bigger than my terror. That got me to take the first step, but from there I surrounded myself with people who built me up and helped me to feel more confident," Verity says. Her passion is helping people to change their thinking so that they can change their results. She loves sharing tips and tricks that make a difference.

Verity's model aligns with the WiBA Continuum mission – surround yourself with people who build you up, grow your confidence and change your way of thinking to change your results.

On Wednesday 26 January, at GMT 16.00 + 2, Verity will present a masterclass, Lead for Innovation , which will equip you with tools to improve innovation and help your team work together to keep up with the rate of change. Be inspired, educated, and entertained. Register at the top of this page.

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